About Us.

Established in 2021, DT UNICOMM is a established with a group of IT experts with goals to help Malaysia’s businesses to digitalize their business – especially with the new normal in the midst of pandemic. We focus in providing professional IT services, digitalization and business continuity planning. In addition, we offer customized IT Solutions for any type of industry of all sizes.

DT UNICOMM’s team has been very experience in providing excellent solutions to our clients in both the private and public sectors. Our members have been continuously serving in IT industry for at least 10 years, with experience in handling small scale projects for SMEs to large scale projects for MNC. We sit together, hoping to further able to assist all Malaysia’s business to strive and operate without concern, and to enable them to compete with international entities.

DT UNICOMM aims to promote and develop the IT sector in the various industries throughout Malaysia.
DT UNICOMM will contribute to this process through its IT consultancy and IT services to ensure its customers have innovative and value-driven IT services contributing to its customer’s IT needs and goals.


  • To consult and offer client the best solutions with lowest cost possible.
  • To digitalize businesses in Malaysia.
  • To enable client businesses to strive and compete with international entities.
  • To enrich our clients’ IT processes and efficiency through innovation in the ever changing global technology.