IT Professional Services.

Segregating your man-power to do secondary tasks such as monitoring your security configuration, upgrading software, and learning software best practices is the least in your “should do” lists! You should be focusing on maintaining day-to-day business operations and focus what you do best! We are here to improve your daily operations and get more out of technology investments, while help you to overcome the challenges: roadblocks, lack of expertise, and being short-staffed which may prevent you from moving forward.

From technology conversion to IT consulting to managed services, DT Unicomm offers flexible, high-quality professional services to help you be more successful. Our expert consultants can help reduce your workload and educate your team to ensure better outcomes.


Business Digitalization Services.

A total of 87.4% Malaysian use internet and 50% of them are buying online from e-commerce platform or social media! Is your business missing this opportunity? Fret not, we are here to assist you to digitalize your business – be it an e-commerce platform, business operations (ERP, Accounting) or online branding. Our team is ready to assist you, be it in infrastructure, web / mobile app development or moving your platform to cloud services. We have experience in helping thousand of businesses to digitalize their business – and you can focus on what you do best without concerns on the technology portion.

Here, we strive to help you to achieve the goals of digitalization

Your entire process will be handheld by our team.




Business Continuity Solutions.

At DT UNICOMM, our IT Outsourcing services ensure your company is prepared for the worse. In the case fire, physical data theft, ransomware or system errors we ensure your data is well protected in the cloud or at another physical office. This ensures your business is able to operate during a disaster. Cloud backups and saving your company data externally can keep running with minimal interruption during a downtime period. Our IT Support and IT Solutions plans ensures that your business continuity process is in place.