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Who We Are.

A bunch of IT experts, with the goals to help business strives and digitalize

Established in 2021, DT UNICOMM are a bunch of IT geeks sitting together with the goals to help businesses to strive and digitalize; especially in this new normal! We provide professional IT services – to significantly help you to improve your business operations and to upgrade your business to suit the new norm.

DT UNICOMM’s motto, we strive to help businesses in Malaysia strives, adapt, and to compete with international market. Furthermore, we offer customized IT Solutions depending on our client’s needs.

IT Professional Services.

Let us handle the trouble, while you focus on your business! Our team can help you to achieve your organization’s goals through technology update and integration to your operations!

Digitalize Your Business

With the new normal, businesses should strive to digitalize themselves to keep up with the market. Don’t know where to start? Engage us for consultancy and we’ll help you through planning, implementation & make your business online!

Business Continuity Solutions.

More & more threats are pushing businesses to have operations downtime and lost of profits – from paying ransomware, business not able to operate, data lost and etc. Let us help you to plan so your business can continues to operate without downtime!